SAVED! From the Jaws of a FREE Security System


As I write this weeks saga about FREE Security Systems (there is no such thing as FREE) I currently have one of my technicians, Darrel, out in the field removing a recently installed FREE Security System put in by an ADT authorized dealer or some other fly by night hack and we are installing a nice quality DSC Security system that the customer is actually paying us for.

Yesterday I got a call from a gentleman telling me the story of how he was haiving his old alarm, that was struck by lightning and no longer functional, replaced for free. I love it when I hear the word "FREE" because I know they are being lied to harder than a politician at election time. Any way, they replaced the system but could not get the monitoring to communicate over his Comcast telephone service. So, the contractor put another system in and it still wouldn't communicate. Now they have Comcast invloved. Comcast said their service is good. The technician (I use this term loosley) is baffled. He can't make it communicate to the monitoring center. The technician goes on to tell the customer he has only been installing for 6 months. I hate to say it, but I know what the problem is and I am not telling.

So after a week of frustration my new customer calls me and asks if I can help (thats like asking an Irishman if he wants a glass of beer, Im Irish so its OK for me to say that) anyway, I said yes. The customer purchased from me a brand new alarm with a keypad and installation for about $400, the monitoring is optional but I told him he could hook up when he is ready and its only $20 per month with no contract. He told me that he was really just after a local system to begin with, I said "no problem" I don't know why people don't listen to peoples wants.

Anyway, the customer is happy, I am happy and the local supplier I purchased the equipment from is everyone is happy! This is cool. So the moral of the story is this, buy from local independents who really care about delivering a good job and making their customers happy and never forget - There is no such thing as a FREE Security System.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year! 

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