More Than a Security System


Its more than a security system

The security systems market is ever changing, more new products, more features and more interaction. I recently was introduced to a new security system line that also performs home automation and is controlled from your smart phone or any computer.

I wasn't sure what this new product would be like or if it would even perform as advertised, so I ordered it and installed it in my own home. I have to say that I am impressed by this new security system/ home automation works exactly as advertised! Of course I am now offering this product to my customers. I still have the HAI home automation product for large scale homes or more complex integration but I now have an affordable home or business automation product.

Let me tell you what the product is. The product is made by a company called 2gig technologies. The 2gig is a security system with a built in cellular communicator so there is no need for a phone line or internet service, it has a touchscreen interface and can also control your lights, thermostats and door locks. The best part is that the entire system can be controlled from anywhere in the world from your smart phone or from a computer.

The 2gig security system / home automation controller is so smart it can text or email you when ever someone arms, dis arms or bypasses your security. You will always know when the kids get home, the cleaner shows up (plus how long they were there) or when your employees turn the security system on or off. Plus you can change, delete or add user codes from any rid of the cleaner...go online and remove their code, its that simple.

Do you need to keep an eye on a second home or control vacation rentals now you can. Not only do you know who comes and goes you also have the ability to control the air conditioning, the lights and even the door locks. Just think of it, you are on your way home and you want to turn the air down to a more comfortable level, just pick up your cell phone and turn the air down. Coming home late, then turn your lights on before you get there...from your cell phone. Someone delivering something to your house? Just turn off the alarm and unlock the door or lift the garage door...all from your smart phone or computer.

The system required no phone line so you can get rid of that unnecessary expense. The savings will more then pay for the service. Plus the communications are secure, no one can cut your phone line to render your system useless.

All of the system is controlled through with any easy to use interface and a FREE mobil app. I am very impressed by this product and I highly recommend it.

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