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Everywhere you look, someone is watching. At every intersection, at the bank, at the grocery store and even peoples homes. CAMERAS! They are everywhere! Its like the Orwell novel 1984...of course we are well past 1984 and luckily the world didn't implode.

The good news is that cameras are responsible for the apprehension of many a criminal. Cameras are used to thwart shop lifting, to guard against worker comp claims and false injury claims that drive up insurance costs. Cameras are also used to keep an eye on your employees or kids. Did little Johnny come home alone or did he bring a couple friends over? You might never know, but if you had video you would know.

Camera systems are now very affordable, they sell them at Wal-Mart and Amazon. Of course those types of systems are usually of inferior quality and will maybe last a year or two. A professionally installed system however typically will carry a five year warranty on the parts...remember the old saying, "you get what you pay for" and you really do when it comes to video.

There are a variety of different cameras, IP, analog, mega-pixel, 960H, intensifier, wide dynamic range, infrared, bullet, dome, turret...etc the list is endless. Each camera has its own particular function for the type of environment and the shot you are trying to get.

My recommendation is to always call a licensed professional if you are looking for a quality camera system that is properly designed and will last for years.

Are you smarter than your phone?

I am amazed how the smart phone has taken over so much of our lives. If your not checking your email or playing Angry Birds, then you are probably texting your BFF :)

This month I have probably installed at least 5 interactive security systems. It seems like as soon as I tell someone that they can control their security, lights, thermostat and door locks from their cell phone, they want it. Its just crazy...I have never seen anything like. I of course have one of these systems in my home too and love every aspect of this technology.You don't even need a phone line!!!

Check it out for yourself Alarm.com and 2GIG Technologies .  

All of these systems are very affordable and super easy to use. The video is really cool too. You can record whoever walks up to your door or just buzz in and check on the kids...I'm glad my parents didn't have that when I was growing up! Another cool feature is being able to control your thermostat remotely or just have it automatically turn up when you arm your alarm. Of course you can always control your lightsSo if you are a techie like I am or you just want better security consider upgrading, its alot more affordable than you think.

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