FREE is not really FREE


When ever I get calls for security systems alot of people tell me they received a flyer for a FREE security system. I tell them "its not free and there is no such thing as free".

I explain to people that it is like buying a cell phone. You can buy the FREE phone or the deluxe smart phone for $99 but, you MUST sign a minimum 2 year agreement for service. The same holds true for security, you can pay $99 up front but, you will be signing a minimum 36 month contract.

Here's the real scoop on what you will get from most "give it away" guys. You will get a proprietary system that can only be worked on by them or the giant corporate security company they are selling your contract to...did the salesman forget to tell you that? Yes, you will be sold! After 30 days the original installing company washes its hands of you and the poor job they did never to see you again.

But its ADT, they will take care of, its not ADT, its an Authorized Dealer, there are several dealer programs out there put on by giant corporate firms to make you think you are buying from them...once again, not true.

Why should you buy from an independent like us? One reason is that we keep our accounts in house even if we offer the product for a low down payment. Second reason is that we offer systems that dont require a monitoring hook up or that can call your smart phone. We never force you into a 3 year term uinless thats what you want...try doing that with the other guys. The third reason would be that we use higher quality equipment that is non proprietary and our workmanship is top notch.

Its your choice, ask questions or make the smart choice and call someone who will deal with you honestly and fair. We aren't always the lowest price in town but do you really want the lowest price security system protecting you and your family?

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