Control Freaks


Control Freaks - "Shes a freak, shes super freaky, yow!"

On your mark, get set, control? Yes, I said control. Control what you say? Your home of course. Why would I want to control my home? Well, security, safety and energy savings...all from the comfort of your smart phone. You mean theres an app for that? As my dad used to say, "You bet your bippy"...I still don't know what a "bippy" is.

In the old days, prior to 2007, if you wanted to control your security, thermostat, lights, locks or even view cameras you had to shell out big bucks. Of course over the last few years and with the advancements in technology home control has become much more affordable.

Companies like and 2Gig seem to be leading the way. From your smart phone or any computer you can access and control your security, thermostats, door locks and lights as well as know who comes and goes by email or text alerts. You can also view cameras of your home or business that can even send you video clips when a door opens or the alarm goes off.

Imagine being at work and receiving a text on your smart phone to tell you that your kids are home or that your cleaning lady has arrived...and how long she stayed. Wouldn't it be great to turn your thermostat down from your smart phone when your not home or have it automatically turn down when your alarm is turned on. Of course with a smart house you won't need to hide keys under the mat or worry about locking yourself out because your automatic lock can be controlled locally or remotely. Fired the house keeper? Just go online and remove her code from the lock and alarm...its that simple! Want the lights on when it gets dark? Never a problem with a smart home.

The best feature of 2Gig and is that a telephone or internet connection is not needed for any of the control functions. The system uses the cellular network for all communication! Of course video still requires an internet connection, but give that another year or two and it will be wireless too.

The smart system is not just for homes, it is really great for small businesses. Know when your employees arrive and when they leave. Receive notifications if they forgot to turn the alarm on. Access a daily log of who came and went and at what time. Need to change someones alarm code? Just do it on line from any computer. Of course you can also tie cameras to the system and view them through your phone or computer. Now thats control!

So for all you control freaks out there, rejoice! You now have more control.

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