Another Home Theater System Rescued By SWFCE


We did it again!

Once again we have another happy customer. We recently cleaned up 2 home theater systems that were hacked up by the Big Box store, the handy man or the neighbors kid. I get calls all the time about what TV do you think I should get or my audio system is too hard to use, or my favorite, Comcast was here and now my home theater doesn't work.

Audio Visual systems aren't what we grew up with. Before you had 2 big speakers and a simple 2 channel amp, you plugged in your record player or cassette, cued up some Led Zepplin or AC/DC and the next thing you knew your father was yelling at you to "turn it down!"

Home theater systems are complex. You go to the Big Box store and stare at 15 brands of home theater receivers, 5 brands of universal remote controls, blu ray DVD players and 10 brands of LED, LCD or Plasma TV's. The TV's are 1080P, 1080i, 60hz, 240hz, edge lit and ethernet ready. You have HDMI cables, component video, analog audio and toslink. Now your dealing with the pimple faced kid with the nose ring and your head is really spinning now. Hopefully you might think to yourself, "how can they know all of these different brands and be really good at hooking them up?"

So you pull the trigger and you buy. Because you know nothing about what you just purchased you have the Big Box geeks install the stuff for you. Usually right off the bat there is a problem. "Sorry Mrs. Smith but we aren't allowed to fish the wires down an exterior wall" So you decide to live with the nasty looking plastic wire mold. Now the systems done and your ready for training on your new remote. The problem now is that the geek has programmed it so that you must press 9 different buttons just to watch TV, so you take notes. The next day you go to use the system and it won't work, so you call the Big Box store...for English press 2 (you always get a live voice from SWFCE), after listening to the department menu (which seems like an eternity) you get a hold of someone. Sorry, geeky guy isn't here. Twelve hours later they finally call you back, of course you had to watch the game from your bedroom TV. Geeky guy walks you through and you can watch TV, you just hope it turns off.

The above scenario won't happen if you deal with us, SWFCE, from the beginning. We only deal in one brand of home theater receivers and universal remotes. We will program your remote as though you were a guest in the house picking up the remote for the first time. As a matter of fact, if our system isn't the easiest system you have ever used we will refund your money. We purposely limit the brands we use and this makes us experts on the products we offer and makes less confusion for you.

We are always more then happy to clean up the home theater mess left behind by the Big Box store, but wouldn't you rather have your home theater system installed correctly the first time? So when you need professional advice about home theaters, universal remotes, flat panel TV's, whole house music system, internet music, blu ray players and ipods call SWFCE first. 

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